I'm excited by the new and obsessive about the details. I also enjoy the surreal and the silly.

I like music and magic, explosions and flashing lights, robots, lasers, and pigeons. Sine sweeps, bass drops, bleeps, bloops, squeaks and squawks.

My background is in graphic design, photography, and technical film-making. I'm obsessive about camera technique. These days I also like to make things using music, computers, and electronics.

I’m at my best when realising complex projects combining filming, special effects, engineering, and visual effects. I enjoy exploring uncharted waters, describing sound visually, and creating imaginary worlds. I love new challenges and cooking up an audiovisual feast.

I work with a great team with extensive experience in hardware and software development, live action and animated film-making and vfx, mechanical engineering, electronics, practical effects, pyrotechnics etc.

On this website you can see some of my work.

I also started is this good? - a company which creates and documents artworks, installations, and magical machines, as well as providing SFX and Art Department services.

If you have an exciting project you'd like to discuss please get in touch.